BNX Designs is owned by George Hembry i am 23 Years of Age and is a premium graphic design company offer a range of design packages. It all started 7 years ago creating graphics for myself and friends and have since built a business with a good reputation and a fantastic portfolio

Photoshop is an award winning software created by Adobe, BNX Design use this software to create a range of graphics and designs tailored to our clients needs. The software is at the core of most of our projects for clients and with years of experience in using the software our clients know they are in good hands.

Maxon Cinema 4D is perfect for making 3D Customisable pieces of work for our Clients, bringing you the best detailed projects for clients.

Illustrator can help develop to create specific detail and design for the making of Logos & Web Designs. This Software is a great aspect for our Projects.